Fox News Radio Interview

Back in March, FOX News Radio gave me the opportunity to share my story of overcoming multiple brain tumors and returning to BMX riding, which is more than a sport to me. It’s my passion, freedom, love and it has saved my life in more than one way.

I documented my experience via video, which you can watch here:

For the official FOX News Radio version (5 minutes), check it out here:

Here is an outline of the interview…Enjoy! 🙂

(0:25) Falling in love with BMX

(0:46) BMX as a career

(1:15) 17 years old and moves to Greenville, NC

(2:02) Self motivation

(2:40) Brain tumor diagnosis at 21 years old

(3:28) Day in my life with headaches from the tumor

(4:20) The day I was diagnosed with a brain tumor

(5:35) “BMX saved your life?”

(6:05) The trick I crashed and that saved my life- “Flair Whip”

(7:05) Back to BMX after brain surgery

(8:21) Physical and emotional changes in my life (Brain surgery, Gamma Knife radio surgery, and emotions)

(9:15) Having to except death

(11:20) Back to BMX after 1 week from Gamma Knife radio surgery

(12:04) “Our genes are not our destiny”

(14:00) Holistic Health Coach

(15:45) We are children of God, which makes us creators, too. We can do what we want if we set our minds to it.

(16:10) Follow me on social media & my blog. (@JoshPerryBMX /

(16:35) Google is an amazing tool

(16:58) Kombucha

(17:18) Follow your dreams “Take a risk at something you love and fail rather than always wondering what if”

-Josh P.