If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It

I used to think of my “dreams” as something I aspired to obtain “when I was older” with little consciousness to the option of it being a reality for my life. The truth is whatever we feel deep down inside that we are capable of doing, no matter how much of a “dream” we think it really is, it can be a reality if we focus all our energy on making it a reality.

Whether it’s overcoming injuries, setting fear aside to progress on my bike, waking up at 5:45 to train, struggling financially to pay bills and travel for events, battling life-threatening brain tumors, escaping limited beliefs set on me from negative people in my life, or any obstacle life throws my way, I keep that focus and energy to fuel obtaining my dreams and creating the life I envision. 

No matter what success anyone reaches in life, it’s tied to a story of challenges in life that they had to bust their ass to overcome. Then you add the added task of training to the mix…For me, fitness has really changed my body, and to a degree, I never fathomed, my mind. Being completely ignorant and stubborn to the concept of training at 7 in the morning, it’s really taken a 180 in my life and I’m truly grateful. 

The most obvious change: my body. I work hard to fuel my body with nothing but the best food possible at the time and train on top of my riding schedule. I’ve spent all the money in my bank account to enroll in a holistic health program to learn what foods fuel me the best and how to implement them into my diet. Most recently, I’ve hired a personal fitness coach to help me train in the gym as a supplement to my riding. 

The less obvious change: my mind. My confidence in my trick consistency, my ability to push myself on my bike and in the gym, and my confidence with business has truly progressed positively. I didn’t realize how much of an effect building physical strength would increase my mental strength. It’s allowing me to create the life I truly believe in and share it with others. 

It’s not easy. But that’s not where I set my focus. I set my focus on obtaining that feeling I dream of and work hard towards. When you’re set on something, it’s not about if it’s easy or not. It’s about doing whatever it takes. 

-Josh P.