It’s Only A Dream Until It Happens To You

I was listening to Pandora recently when a song by G-Eazy came on and I heard these lyrics:

“It’s only a dream until it happens to you”.

I instantly felt a great overwhelming sense of gratitude for my life and all that’s happened to me, good and bad. I live my dream every day and still have further dreams. I’ve become friends with my idols, made best friends from around the world, and have seen parts of the world most won’t. My dream became a reality but not without obstacles and life changing events. 

As beat up as I am right now from two recent crashes (bone bruise on my shin/ankle and old torn lat muscle that I slammed along with my back into a quarter pipe last week), I’m still thrilled to be getting on a plane on my way to Denver Fise to compete.

I may not be 100% but I’m just at about 9 months out of ACL/Meniscus reconstructive surgery and am thankful to be competing again. It was the worst recovery I’ve had to date, even more so than brain tumor surgery recovery. It took a toll on me mentally and physically. But like any challenge we face in life, we must set fear aside and give it our all in order to reach our goals.

The falls I’ve taken on and off the bike have taught me a great deal about myself and life. I continue to ride my heart out for those who can’t, to inspire those who dream, to prove anyone’s dream is possible, and to continue enjoying my life as I live my dream.

-Josh P.