Men’s Health Q&A

How Do You Stay Fit And Healthy? Why Is It Important To You?

I stay fit and healthy by eating only the cleanest, organic and most beneficial foods to benefit my body, mind and health goals. This is reinforced by staying physically active on a daily basis, keeping a positive mindset no matter what life throws my way, living in an abundance of love and light and by dreaming big. The most important things to me in life are my health, happiness, family and friends, and my BMX bike riding.

What’s The Most Significant Challenge You Have Overcome In Your Life?

The most significant challenge I have had to face was overcoming 3 brain tumors, 2 separate times at the ages of 21 and 23. I still live every day with 2 tumors in my skull, but receive regular scans to ensure that they aren’t posing any additional risks. I refuse to let them stop me from enjoying my life to the fullest and doing what I love!

How Do You Give Back To Your Community/Friends/Family?

I give back to my community, friends, and family by openly sharing my experiences and what I have learned along the way. I am always reaching out as a support system and love sharing tips on how to eat well, become physically fit, think positively and dream big! I use my social media channels as a way to help inspire and motivate others to make changes in their day-to-day lives that will hopefully have a positive affect their health and overall well-being.

How Do You Measure Success—And How Have You Achieved It?

I measure success by happiness, health and the amount of effort required to achieve the two. No amount of money or materials can trump health and happiness. Personally, I believe I have achieved my view of success by overcoming several brain tumors and becoming the healthiest and happiest version of myself I have ever been. Professionally, I’ve been extremely fortunate to compete professionally in BMX with some of the best riders across the globe. That being said, I am always striving to improve myself and help others even more.

What’s The Best Advice You Have Ever Received?

The best advice I have ever received is that happiness comes from dreaming big, flying high and doing what you love. An important part of this is to always follow what my gut and heart tell me to do and let the rest follow naturally. I live by this advice.

-Josh P.