This is my daily routine/taking the action step towards an idea, goal & dream that I referred to. A cup of coffee with brain fueling healthy fats (Kerrygold grass-fed butter and organic coconut oil) while handling business.

It’s great to have goals and dreams, but an idea stuck in our minds typically doesn’t manifest into much more than a thought. A belief and feeling it’ll work out, followed by action, is required to ensure you manifest your thoughts into reality. It may be a whiteboard (which I’ll be sharing more of that with all of you this year), an email, an outline, a social media post, trying a new trick in the foam pit for the first time, asking out that special person that’s caught your eye, applying to a school of your dreams, approaching an idol of yours to create together (more on this from me soon) going for that promotion, etc. It doesn’t matter, TAKE ACTION!

I’m beyond stoked to share my new website with all of you once we get the final touches updated. It’ll be merging with my blog as a way to share more of who I am with all of you, on and off the bike.

-Josh P.

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