Time & Money Are Not Real

I don’t know how many times I say this… time and money are just made up ideas we humans give energy to, thus giving them power.

Meet Dave Goodall, 45-year-old father of 2, husband of a beautiful and loving wife, and has a “big boy” job. The whole family lives the bike life. They also practice positive energy, meditation, fitness, and nutrition lifestyles. Dave has been riding with us for maybe a year now on the BMX bike and is killing it! He and his wife have also transformed their bodies and health via a nutritional and fitness program this last year and look fantastic!

Use this man and his family as an example that we create the lives we want. Dave has always told me to drop my story and rewrite it today. So true. So many times we go through life with the beliefs (subconsciously and consciously) that were passed on to us from our parents, their parents, the news, school, society, etc. rather than make up our own beliefs. What we think, we attract and create.

Don’t settle for anything that doesn’t make you happy, fueled, and fulfilled. we all posses the ability to create our dream life. It just begins with a thought and the manifests with faith and action. What are you waiting for?!?!

Dave was 44 when he decided he wanted to ride BMX and change his life. Now we’ve traveled across country for contests so Dave could live his childhood dream through my eyes and be apart of the energy we all in BMX yield and share with one another. Dave is now one of my best friends.

We push eachother on and off the bike to be the best we can be and to achieve our goals. I’m grateful for this man and his family to have come into my life but he reminds me we attracted this to one another and it’s so true. Think of what you want in life, visualize it, believe you can and do already possess it, and act in a way that will attract it to you. Why not?!

And don’t be afraid.

-Josh P.