Fall In Love With Your Life

I am in love with the life I live, and I work hard for it. More importantly, I believe it’s possible. If you have a dream, get it! Believe in yourself and surround yourself with others that believe in you. Build your tribe of like-minded people and fill it with love, gratitude, and possibilities. Don’t ever listen to anyone that says “no” or “it’s not possible”.

If you don’t have anyone that supports your dreams, you have me. I believe in all of you. I was told “no”, “that’s not possible”, and “you’re not gonna be successful with that choice of a life”. I took that and fueled my fire of determination. Not to necessarily prove them wrong but to prove to myself I can do what I believe.

Our thoughts become our reality, both positive and negative. You can’t just think it for it to come true, though. You gotta take action and do things you’re uncomfortable with.

I’ve been practicing that more and more lately and oh my! The people I’ve attracted to my life, the places I’ve seen, the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, and the experiences I’ve been a part of are truly eye opening to my previous sentence.

Follow your heart, stay humble, share love and gratitude, and don’t ever give up!