Fear Is Just A Thought (2)

Fear is Just a Thought. 

When you face a challenge or obstacle in life, or when you’re given a death sentence diagnosis, fear is completely understandable. I’ve learned that we have 2 choices, though. Choose fear or choose gratitude and love. 

Your thoughts are your responsibility and choice. No one and nothing other than you have the control to make up your mind. That’s 100% you and what you decide to think. Life can be challenging or it can be easy, it all depends on your perspective on life with the experiences you encounter. 

I could have easily gone with fear, felt sorry for myself after being diagnosed or with other situations in my life, and just crawled in a hole and gave up. I wasn’t able to, though. I was so focused on riding my bike again and had/have a massive amount of love & gratitude for my life, and that feeling & thought is what fueled my drive to live and succeed. 

I visualized what I do so much that I would have dreams of riding and could feel it while laying in that hospital bed focusing on getting past that brain tumor surgery and riding my bike again. 

I had amazing support from others, which is so crucial, so now I am that support system to anyone of you, as well as an example that we can beat the odds and do what we dream of when we truly set our minds to something. 

-Josh P.