Pain Is Weakness Leaving the Body

“Imma go as hard as I can dawg

Til’ the Grim Reaper come and take me

I’m not afraid of fallin’ to the very bottom

No death don’t intimidate me

Cause I bleed the blood of a winner

I can feel it all running through my veins

I know this might sound a lil’ crazy to ya

You wouldn’t understand unless you was me” 

Pain is weakness leaving the body” is one of my favorite quotes from Jeremy Piven in a role he played as a car salesman. This photo was taken after I over rotated a 720 and hit my chin off my handlebars on an untraditional/ kinked jump, mid-contest run last year. @trishbare got me all patched up and I went and did my second run perfectly as planned. 

One of the most important lessons BMX has taught me was to get up when we fall down and try again. Falling, or failure is a part of life and should be viewed as a learning experience rather than a negative experience in our lives. It’s all a matter of perspective. Glass half full or glass half empty. 

If you know me, I’m always in favor for the glass half full. Full of possibilities, ideas, dreams, hard work, achievements, education, and love. With that combination, anything is possible.

-Josh P.