RIP, Dave Mirra

Exactly one year ago I got the chance to say I love you and express my gratitude for this man. Little did I know it would be the last time I’d have the chance to do so and am grateful for this moment as well as the gut feeling of asking Dave Mirra to lunch that day.

It was a random urge to pick up the phone and ask Dave to catch up and have some lunch, and  I’m glad it happened. I’m not full of words today to express my feelings for this photo. All I have to share today is how honored I am to have had the chance to make a dream of mine come true, and then some.

I got to not only compete with Dave but got to train with him on a daily basis, hang out with Dave outside of riding, get to meet him family, and get to call my idol/hero/mentor my friend. What an honor to do so. I’m left with nothing but love and gratitude for Dave, the path he paved for me in my career and life with #bmx, and all he taught me.

Thanks, Dave and I love you, man! 

-Josh P.