You Control Your Thoughts

Our mind is our biggest tool that manifests our thoughts into reality, which can limit us or help us thrive. Assess negative thoughts and sort out if you want to give them power or not. YOU control your thoughts and life. You choose to be enslaved or free by the thoughts you create.

Subconscious vs. Conscious Beliefs 

95% of our personalities and day-to-day actions/thoughts come from our subconscious. Only 5% of what we do, think, and fell are conscious. 

That being said, when a negative thought or emotion arises, determine where it’s originating from. Even if you can’t narrow down to exactly when and where, you can narrow down if it’s coming from you in your current being, an experience in the past, an experience in the future that’s yet to happen (anxiety), or if it’s coming from someone other than you. Once you can pinpoint where it’s coming from, you can delete it out of your subconscious and move forward with a new belief. 

Fear is probably the most prevalent thought and emotion in today’s society. Fear comes from all kinds of sources, internally and externally. The good news is that we can re-wire our brains to think, believe, and feel differently. Google “Neuroplasticity”, which is the growth of new neurons and new neurological pathways/connections. If you have strong subconscious beliefs, which are primarily set into our brains from the age of birth to 7, it will take the time to recognize them and change them. But it is so possible and it’s what’s helped me so much in my life this last year. 

The crazy thing about changing your thoughts to change the hardwiring of your brain, and what you manifest into your life (health, happiness, disease, stress, obtaining goals, relationships, achieving dreams, etc.), is that we are now able to see this take place at the atomic level.

Dr. Joe Dispenza had an 8-week workshop I’m enrolled in and the things he’s teaching are truly life changing. I’d suggest everyone watch his TedTalks for a quick glimpse into this subconscious and conscious science and how to improve your life. You won’t regret it! 💚✌️ 

Joe Dispenza Ted Talk

-Josh P.