Your Dream, Your Vision

“Sometimes you have to risk everything for a dream no one can see but you” -unknown.

Because if you don’t, no one else will for you. Doesn’t matter if people don’t get it. You get it. That’s all that matters. As a BMX athlete, the risk is my job. No lie. Every time I step on my bike, my life is at risk. Why do I do it? Because I love it. It fuels me and my passion for living life. It makes me become a better human off the bike. It has taught me so many valuable lessons that money can’t buy. It’s shown me the world and led me to an amazing life full of love, positivity, and awesome friends, aka family.

It started with an idea, to become a pro rider like/ with my idols. Then it became a feeling, more like an obsession and addiction. Then I started talking action. By the time I was 17 (4 years into riding) I was riding Dew Tour as a professional athlete, left my life at home and moved to Greenville with no plan other than to live my dream. That’s it! Risked it all by not doing what society said to do, but what I wanted to do. Faced death many times, which one time I literary died and came back.

But with an idea that became a feeling, mixed in with action, topped off with a belief system that I’d succeed, I came out on top and get to live my dream while sharing with you all in hopes you do just that very thing. Take a risk. Believe in yourself, feel it, take action, and DO IT!

-Josh P.