Go All In On Plan A

You can always get a “job” if things don’t work out. F a “plan b”. Go all in on plan A. You can never turn back time to a younger age and opportunity to go all in on a dream. I dropped out of high school, moved 14 hours away from my family, and pursued my dream of becoming a BMX athlete.


I suffered injuries, depression, anxiety, fear, brain tumors, concussions, being broke, living on a couch, living out of my car, and many other challenges to make my dream happen. I had those who supported me and those who doubted me. The most important things I did was believe in myself and take action while never giving up! If I can do it, a kid from Cape Cod with all the odds against him, so can you. Just believe in yourself and know fear is just a thought that can be changed. 💚✌️


Josh P.