Follow Your Dreams

We have all heard “follow your dreams” but how many people do you know actually pursued their dreams? Or, how about the people sharing “follow your dreams”? Did they take a risk on their dreams or is this some kind of generic statement authority figures in our life share as we’re going through the motions of developing as little humans to “adults”?

I didn’t know many people, if any, that pursued their dreams while I was growing up and developing my own dream. I mean this in a personal sense, not the people I saw on tv or in the magazines.

I’ve come to learn that today’s society and standards of “how you should live your life” limits the number of people chasing a dream, or sustaining that chase, with all the pressure to amount to expectations of family and societal standards. The fear of judgment sets in and “what will they think of me if….”, “will mom and dad be disappointed in me for not following the path they set forth for me?”, or “what if I fail on top of going against their wishes for my life?” All these fears kick in and kill any momentum or effort towards challenging status quo for what you truly believe in as the path YOU want to take in life. 

Dreams come true when you believe they will come true and you take ACTION towards them. No amount of suggestion from the outside world (strangers, family, friends, teachers, etc.) can determine your destiny, unless you let that suggestion control your actions. But you also can’t take belief, visualization, and mediation as a cop-out for taking action and risking your comfort zone on a new desirable outcome in your life. You can’t have one without the other, action without belief. Belief without action.


As for suggestions, I mean if someone says “you’re never going to make it”, at whatever it is you want to pursue, this isn’t true or false until your actions determine that suggestion to be factual or not. Meaning, if you let that suggestion control your thoughts, beliefs, and therefore take actions in a manner to not succeed, then their suggestion is true and you will choose fear over your dream. If you take that suggestion and do what I did growing up, turn it into fuel to make your dream happen and dismiss their suggestion as irrelevant, you won’t care what they suggest because it’s not aligned with your inner truth, desires, and beliefs, which then correlates to the actions you choose along your journey. 

Bottom line: take a risk on your dream, go “all in”, stay committed, believe in yourself, and take action!
A dream starts with belief and manifests with action. 💚✌️



-Josh P.