Fail & I Fail Some More

We, as BMX athletes, fail more times in a day than people are willing to in a lifetime. BMX teaches us how to get up when we fall and try again. Not to look at it as a failure, rather a learning opportunity.

The difference between “failure” and “success” is the information we gather and the choices we make moving forward. It’s all just information for us to utilize to reach our next success.

Assess what happened and how you want to move forward. This applies to any aspect of life. Success is not easy, quick, or overnight for anyone. There is a lot of background effort to reach that success. Yes, some success are easier than others. But, that’s also built off of the foundation created over time.

When you fall down in any respect of life, don’t be discouraged. Be motivated to use that as an opportunity to learn and grow. Just like any trick, success takes patience, effort, and conscious thinking and self-awareness. 💚✌️

Taken from this Vlog:

-Josh P.