A Change In Priorities

Starting & operating my own health coaching business, continuing to work on my non-profit event with the Athlete Recovery Fund, and prioritizing my training, I haven’t been able to ride as often as I’d like. But that’s ok because I’m still riding and maintaining a professional level.

With time, priorities change and life is always evolving. Although I ride at the same level as when I was solely providing for myself off BMX, there’s no pressure to ride any way other than what I want. I still love it as much as ever and push myself to maintain that level with some progression mixed in.

That being said, it’s a really cool feeling to be pursuing new found passions of promoting nutrition, fitness, and mindset techniques to help people become as well as they possibly can while utilizing my love and hard work over the years to bring this information to the people in a fun and exciting manner through BMX

Moving forward, I’m still creating partnerships with brands and corporations to fuel my riding/training lifestyle while being able to reach more people along the way with my passion for healthy living. As for competing, if it makes sense then I’ll compete. If not, I don’t NEED to.

I’m in a really cool place in life where I have nothing but gratitude for the opportunities my hard work and experiences have led me to along with the belief to make it all possible.

-Josh P.