2 Years Ago – Dave Mirra

There are no words for the impact Dave Mirra had on my life, on and off my bike. It’s still so surreal that today is 2 years since Dave left us in this physical life.

The top left photo shows my back tattoo from Brian Lee to hold Dave with me for the rest of my life and have a daily reminder of the life I live and why that is possible. The middle photo is from when I was 12 and first met Dave on the Dave Mirra Super Tour. Bottom left was the second to last day I saw Dave after a lunch with him and Scott Wirch in Greenville, NC. Bottom right is some of the last comments Dave shared with me on here in regards to some posts about his Animal House. Top right is just the way I want to remember Dave- a boss handling business. 😎 💪🏽

To read more of my thoughts on Dave’s passing and impact on my life, check my blog from 2 years ago.

-Josh P.