Push Your Limitations

How do you push your limits and increase your potential in life?

I never thought weight lifting would be apart of my life or even half of the role it plays in my life today.

I got into fitness after I blew out my knee in 2013. That’s what I call being “reactive” rather then being proactive”.

Today’s it’s a passion of mine. I love the health benefits, of course, but I also love the challenge mentally and physically, learning a new skill, how it supplements my riding very well, and how the risk factor is not as high as BMX but sill presents that mental and physical challenge.

That said, here is a face of joy and relief as I successfully cleaned my highest weight so far (88kilos) and got it after just missing it on the attempt prior. I’ve come a long way his last year of introducing Olympic lifting to my programming and mobility as played the biggest factor. I had some strength, and it does keep increasing, but my lack of mobility held me back so much in terms of technique and form, which determine how successful my lifts are.

I’ve been working hard with Jackie and 919Spine to correct that and have been stoked! 💚✌️

-Josh P.