How Do You Handle Fear?

What’s your take on fear? Are you living a life someone else wants or expects you to live because you fear failure, judgement, or letting “them” down?

My belief is that fear is just a thought that comes from past experiences and external sources regarding our current state and the future, which is unknown.

So many of us find ourselves living in fear out of necessity. Society tells us to have a backup plan, a “plan b”, or to take the “safe” route, which they don’t tell you is just as guaranteed for you to find success as you making your own path. It all comes down to your choices, beliefs, and vision.

It’s not always easy and I can surely resonate with that. But, I find I’m happier, healthier, and more successful when I follow my heart and vision for the live I want to live. I could have stayed on the path I was heading and I would have had my own landscaping business on Cape Cod long ago but that wouldn’t have led me to happiness or fulfillment, shown me the world, or led me to who I am today.

Don’t settle for suffering in the moment because it’s familiar, maybe not desirable but it’s what you know and easier than the resistance to go against the norm. Rather than staying where you are out of fear for failure, judgment, letting others expectations down, etc., make changes for the life YOU envision for yourself no matter who says you can’t. If anyone ever did anything you want to, then you know you can too!

If it’s fear that’s holding you back, it’s really quite simple. Not easy, but simple. Do YOU want the outcome fear provides, or do you want the outcome your heart desires. If it’s the latter, than make changes in your life to match that vision and go get what YOU deserve. 💚✌️

-Josh P.

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