Trust the Process

CANNONBALL! 🙃 I learned this trick when I was about 16 and it was one of the scariest tricks I could do at the time.

It’s all about timing and trust. You have to time it just right for when you jump off and let the bike go away as you reach for the seat because if you do it too early, the bike goes up and flys away from you before you can grab the seat.

I’d be 50/50 when I was younger with the timing because I was afraid of waiting for the right time and would end up missing my seat. Now that I’ve had over a decade of practice, I now trust the timing and technique of the trick allowing me to jump off and reach for the seat at the right time, which allows the seat to be in the correct position for my hands to catch it.

This technique of the “Cannonball” can apply to life. Most things (goals, dreams, visions), especially those that we desire and are not a current reality, are possible once we let go of the fear of failure and just trust the timing and patience will allow for success.

I can relate to this analogy so well and not only because I relate BMX to anything in life 😂 but because I see it show up in my life on a daily basis. When I fear failure or get impatient for whatever reason, I have to remind myself that timing and trusting the process will lead to success. When I trust in my actions aligning with my vision, I then see great success with my vision manifesting.

The things we desire are already created and waiting for us to align our beliefs and actions with them. It’s easy to not believe the things we desire are not possible for us because the resistance that presents itself to make a change (take action for the things we desire that we do not have yet) has costs that our egos protect us from. Those costs are usually psychological and non threatening, but our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between an actual threat and a made up mental threat we call fear.

This leads to a stress hormone response in the body that promotes raised levels of cortisol, which create havoc in the body and causes cravings. But, that’s for another post. 😎

Bottom line, set an intention for your life, trust the process, and continue taking action that aligns with your hearts desire. 💚✌️

-Josh P.