Impatient About Becoming Patient

(Day 4) 21-day Meditation / New Habit Challenge. Focusing on patience has taught me I’ve become impatient about being patient, which is easy to see now that I’ve become aware of it.

Using the @headspace app has been great in learning new skills and concepts. One skill they share is called “noting”. Basically, it’s being able to become aware of thoughts that arise but having the ability to just see them for what they are and not getting emotional about them, or making them “right” or “wrong”.

I originally thought meditation was being able to clear your mind and not allow any thoughts come in. This is true to some degree but the main concept I’ve been learning is that meditation is about creating more headspace for us to feel more calm, clear, and peaceful.

It’s not about controlling thoughts, it’s about deciding to watch them go by in a sense rather than jumping into them. Kind of like sitting on a bench and watching traffic go by. Some stop and some keep going. We decide which thoughts to jump into, which is what a lot of us are not aware of. It’s our choice! 💚


-Josh P.