How Do You Deal With Impatience

(Day-9) 21-Day Meditation / New Habit Creation Challenge.

“It’s natural to experience impatience. What matters is how we deal with it.”

I find myself going to “busy work” thinking that the reason I’m impatient is because I’m doing doing enough “work” and if I can be relaxing, I must have not done enough.

I once heard the term “inspired work” rather than working to just work. When you feel inspired to do something rather than “I have to do this”, you are going to feel more fulfilled, less impatient, and actually be productive.

I find it’s easy to get caught in this “I have to do more work” mentality sometimes because of what I shared yesterday regarding impatience being a byproduct of expectations. When I let go of what I expect and just focus on taking aligned actions that match my vision, I get lost in the moment and don’t experience any impatience. I then begin to experience joy, fulfillment, and gratitude.

It’s perfectly fine to to feel impatient but what matters is how you move forward. You can move forward in a panic mindset of “gotta gotta gotta” or you can move forward with an inspired desires to do something you love or that aligns with your life vision, which provides pure gratitude and satisfaction.💚✌️

-Josh P.