What Do YOU Want?

What do you want in your life?

Seems like a simple question yet an array of emotions come up when people think about what they want. We’re typically so focused on our needs and living in “auto-pilot” with the focus to take of our needs.

Needs being rent, food, other bills, etc. But, what about your desires to lead a life you believe in and are fulfilled with rather than just day in and day out doing what it takes to just “survive”?

From guilt, to shame, to doubt, we often don’t give ourselves credit for being able to receive the things we want in life. We focus so much on doing that we forget to relax and open ourselves to receiving.

“That’s not possible for me”, “only selfish people can have what they want”, “I’ve never got what I want”, and so on tend to be the trend when referring to our wants.

I also find we either know what we want but don’t believe we’re capable of receiving it, or we have no clue what we want and just live in “survival” mode day in and day out only focused on getting enough to take care of our basic needs, which usually comes with neglect to our mental and physical health.

What would it take to have what you want & survive? 💚✌️

-Josh P.