Mastermind Retreat Success

What an amazing @kaizenprocoaching mastermind retreat to Honolulu, Hawaii with even more amazing human beings. It’s crazy how life unfolds and where it takes you.

I’ve been taking massive leaps forward towards my new vision for my life and I’m come across amazing people, opportunities, and experiences. This was one of those but it’s just the beginning and I look forward to the next mastermind in Maui!

The top take-aways from this trip was learning that we’re not all so different in life, you can achieve amazing levels of success when you narrow and specify your focus, and when negative thoughts/emotions come about it typically means I’m out of alignment with my vision. Those are just some of all the great information my brain soaked up from this last week and the ideas this trip has given me.

Thanks @isaacstegman for having me and to all the great supportive people who attended. 💚✌️

-Josh P.