Your Brain Could Be Suffering Without YOU Knowing It

“Your brain…

weighs 3 pounds and has one hundred thousand miles of blood vessels.

contains more connections that there are stars in the Milky Way.

Is the fattest organ in the human body.

could be suffering this very minute without your having a clue.” @davidperlmutter

Hi! My name is Josh Perry, and I live with 4 brain tumors. Before an open cranial surgery that took 6 hours to remove a massive (almost half my brain) brain tumor, Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for 2 regrowths, and a third diagnosis in 2017, I was never very conscious to the health of my brain and how I could be affecting it one way or another.

This picture was taken right after my original brain surgery in 2010, containing 75 staples and 13 or so stitches. It was the beginning to a new way of life for me that I could never have fathomed taking place. But, who could?

Despite living with 4 brain tumors today, I still live a very “normal” (what’s normal?) life full of BMX, training, studying, speaking, coaching, adventuring, supporting others, and so much more.

Through all my experiences, I’ve learned many things but two of which are my favorite and stand out to me the most. They are: health is internal, not just numbers on a scale or sheet of paper & life is all about perspective and choices.

It took falling and hitting my head one day to finally receive an MRI that revealed a brain tumor was the cause of my suffering for a year prior of my diagnosis. This led me to learn about holistic health (a lot of what I learn comes from Dr Perlmutter’s work) and how choices we make can either help or hurt us.

I chose to take my experiences and become a survivor that is very diligent about being conscious to my choices in life in an effort to protect my brain and overall health, and share all I can with others to support them however I possibly can.

Are you making choices to either manifest health or to change you’re current reality in a more positive way? 💚✌️

-Josh P.