How I Changed Anxiety To Confidence Today

They say I have NF2- a genetic disorder that created the 4 tumors in my skull. That doesn’t stop me from doing what I love most though.

NF2 leads to a lot of psychological issues like anxiety, stress, depression, etc. and I deal with all of those on a regular basis, but who doesn’t? Some days worse than others.

What’s cool is that I’ve become very conscious to this and have become passionate about brain health and choices I have to better my reality. This is a blessing and a curse because although I’m hyper self-aware now, I either tend to blame it on me not trying hard enough or get frustrated when I feel I’ve done all I can and don’t understand why I’m going through it, even though it’s a natural part of the human existence.

It’s led me down an interesting path of self exploration and opening my mind and heart to empathize with others that struggle with the negative mind tricks known as depression, anxiety, stress, fear, and so on. I still believe it’s all a choice in what we give energy to and how we take care of ourselves.

But I also know sometimes, despite our best efforts, we are only human and have to foster self love and patience while having faith that our desired outcomes are manifesting as we continue to take action to better ourselves.

That said, today was one of those anxious, stressed, and doubtful days. I took to meditation, journaling, and visualization to find the peace that we all have within us and never leaves. It’s just a matter of shifting our focus and being patient and loving of ourself.

BMX is one of my happy places that I’ve questioned in times of negativity but every time I ride, it always cheers me up and I’m forever grateful for it.💚✌️

How do you shift your focus when you’re feeling down?

-Josh P.