They said you’re not “cool” if you train.

They said “you don’t need that”.

They said “you’ll bulk up”.

They also said “BMX isn’t a sport, so why train”?

They say a lot but learned the truth the hard way…blowing out my knee in 2013. Since then, I’ve improved on and off my bike in so many ways thanks to training, and I haven’t “bulked up” even tho I lift. I’ve just got stronger and leaned out, which is largely contributed to my diet.

I’ve also learned the affects and importance training has on the brain. So, if you want a healthy, resilient, and happy brain, I suggest fitting exercise into your weekly routine.

I’m not saying everyone has to train like an athlete to be healthy, but I believe regular exercise is a must for any living human capable of exercising.

I love the gym and BMX for exercising, and they compliment one another very well. I am grateful for my last mistakes and hardships because it’s taught me what to prioritize and WHY today. 💪🏽💚✌️

-Josh P.