I believe we all live in a reality that we manifest from the choices we take each and every day.

I hear “you’re so lucky” and “it must be nice” all the time. From friends, family, and strangers.

What is luck and what must be nice? The hard work over the years and opportunities that hard work has led me to? Is that what luck is and what must be nice?

The reason I combine these two together is because they are both manifestations of the work and opportunities no one seems to look at or remember that yield results in which people say “you’re lucky” or “that must be nice”. They dismiss all the sacrifice, pain, blood, sweat, and tears that go into living a life fully on your terms.

The reality of these statements are that they come from a place of either regret or disbelief in ones self to live a life they desire, which typically yields these kinds of statements directed towards those leading a life they desire because of the non-stop action they’ve taken.

I know because I was once that person saying “that must be nice” or “they’re so lucky”.

I believe we all are capable of the life we desire, it just comes down to CHOICES.

What choices are you taking, or not taking, for the life you say you want? 🤔💚✌️

-Josh P