I Ride For Those Who Can’t

I ride for those who can’t.

I ride because I love to ride. I ride because I am able. I ride because it was a childhood dream to make a career out of riding and now I’m living that dream- aka, GRATITUDE. I ride because it’s what fuels me.

I used to ride to prove people wrong. I used to ride as an escape from negativity in my life. I used to ride because it was the only way I knew how to express myself authentically and enjoy my life.

Although some reasons as to why I ride has evolved, I still ride because I love to ride.

More importantly, I ride to prove to others they can do what they set their minds to, even in times of hardships or obstacles.

I live with 4 brain tumors, have had many traumatic experiences in my life, have been broke and living out of my car, in storage closets, and on couches. I’ve been surrounded by a pool of my own blood I was violently throwing up with the belief I was dying.

What kept me going? My vision. My dream. The fact that I was still alive and not out for the count yet. Not fear!


-Josh P.

📸 @jciake