Keto- If I Can YOU Can

I used to eat fast-food, soda, candy, and sushi and now my brain and body actually crave meals like this. Funny how once you make changes externally, changes occur internally you may not believe until you experience it.


Grass-fed burger with some @kerrygoldusa grass-fed cheddar wrapped in lettuce with some @primalkitchenfoods mustard and @chosenfoods mayo and a side of asparagus sautéed in @kerrygoldusa with spices. I believe some avocado was in there after this photo too🔥

Full of healthy fats, moderate protein, and very low-carb. If you’re new to a high-fat or KETO way of eating, you can easily add a side of sweet potato, carrots, beets, berries, or quinoa for some carbs as you transition to fat-adaption.

Although it possible to jump right into KETO, it’s advised to transition into “primal” or “paleo” by eating “smart carbs” as you taper down the carb count to not shock the brain and body. It’s all context, though.

If you’re coming from anywhere close to my old diet (2liter side/day, only fast-food and sushi, candy, pastries, and alcohol daily) then I’d suggest you ease into KETO by lowering your carbs from let’s say 400+g/day to paleo carbs, which will put you at 50-150g/day and be a good transition phase for a few weeks. 💚✌️

Want to learn more about making changes TODAY to improve your brain’s health, remove excess body fat/weight, gain more energy, improve sleep and recovery, clear up inflammation and digestive issues, and putt cravings at bay all while worrying less about food?


-Josh P.