WHO Do YOU Choose To Be?

You’re only destined to become who you choose to be.

I used to be a victim. Would complain about what “isn’t fair”, “why me”, “it must be nice”, and (insert caption).

I used to carry 5-10% more body fat on me at all times and knowingly hurting my brain by making the choice to eat copious amounts of sugar, processed foods, alcohol, juice, breads, pastas, cereals, candy, etc.

I used to blame my reality on anyone and anything but me and my choices. I used to be envious of others success and talk about how “unfair” my life was.

Then one day I learned (brain tumor diagnosis) to become self aware and hold myself accountable for what I did or did not have in my life.

👉🏞I made the choice to become healthy, inside and out.

👉🏞I made the choice to prioritize my brain’s health.

👉🏞I made the choice to have purpose in my life that had an impact on the world and would leave behind a legacy.

👉🏞I made the choice to be great rather than what society told me to be.

👉🏞I made the choice become a survivor, not a victim.

I challenge you all to see the world from a survivors perspective, not a victim. The world doesn’t happen to us, it happens for us. But, we must choose to see it that way.

Choose to be great. Choose to be strong. Choose to be kind. Choose to be wise. Choose to be resilient. Choose to love rather than fear.

Choose to walk your talk. Choose to dismiss the noise saying you can’t.

Carve your path. Fall down 7 times and get up 8.

Set goals. Have a clear vision and purpose. Eat healthy food to nourish your brain (I follow a ketogenic lifestyle). Believe in yourself and take action. Don’t ever give up.💚✌ïļ

ðŸ“ļ @jciake

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-Josh P.