FAT Smoothie

Love this @ancientnutritionbone broth protein with some @perfectketones “FAT Smoothie” for when I need to grocery shop, am crunched on time, or just want a healthy smoothie. 😋

If you’re interested in the recipe, see below but you don’t need the same servings of avocado or nuts as I used. You can use half as much 😎

👉🏼1 scoop @ancientnutrition bone broth protein (PB)
👉🏼1 scoop @perfectketones chocolate “keto base”
👉🏼1 avocado
👉🏼massive handfuls kale/spinach
👉🏼1/4 cup full-fat coconut milk in the can
👉🏼1/4 bar 100% cacao baking bar
👉🏼1 oz walnuts
👉🏼1 oz pecans
👉🏼1 tspn @wildfoodsco lions mane mushroom powder
👉🏼 @redmondrealsalt
👉🏼water & ice (this takes experimenting with for your personal presence. I use hand full of ice (5-7 cubes) and then the water part is tricky but start with less at first)

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-Josh p.
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