Fueled By Love

I love BMX and all it’s done for me, shown me, led me to, and what’s to come.

I began on this path of self discovery (didn’t know it at the time) while chasing my dream at the age of 17 when I left home on a mission to prove doubters wrong and live the life I desired.

I’m now doing things I never fathomed being apart of my reality. Things like motivational speaking, coaching, running my own business, and becoming featured in major media outlets like GQ, People, ESPN, Fox News, Americas Got Talent, top podcasts and many others.

I started this journey fueled by spite. Today, it’s fueled by love and gratitude with a purpose of serving others.

A bmx crash one day led to an MRI that found a massive brain tumor taking over my brain. Had I not fallen and hit my head that day, I’d be dead. That’s when my whole perspective on life shifted and gratitude to be alive took over.

I then found the ketogenic diet and fitness (after blowing out my knee and needing ACL surgery) and it’s changed my and my clients lives in such profound ways.

I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for that childhood dream but I know I’m grateful to have taken the risk of leaving everything behind in pursuit of making it happen.

I work my ass off and never give up because some people don’t have the option to even try, let alone wake up. Loosing my younger brother gave me a new perspective on my life once again and I’m going to continue working my ass for him and all those that don’t wake up as we often take for granted. 🙏🏼

-Josh P. 💚✌️

Want to learn more about making changes TODAY to improve your brain’s health, remove excess body fat, gain more energy, improve sleep & recovery, clear up inflammation & digestive issues, and put cravings at bay all while worrying less about food?

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