Keto Doesn’t Require Tons Of Fat.

There’s a misconception that Keto requires a ton of fat at every meal.

When you’re first beginning your ketogenic diet & lifestyle journey, you’ll be adding WAY MORE fat than most are used to consuming, which brings mindset obstacles, such as conditioning to believe fat makes us fat, to the surface.

That’s entirely false, while in the right context. When starches, sugars, & high-levels of carbohydrates are absent, fat allows our brains & bodies to thrive.

Again, while starting out on a ketogenic diet there will be an adjustment period that requires you to fuel your body with fat to satiety, thus meaning you’ll most likely be eating a fair amount of fat. But, once fat-adapted, you start to notice shifts in hunger, energy levels, mental clarity, weight removing, & improved sleep & digestion & no longer require a ton of fat at every meal.

The adaptation process takes time & is different for each individual.

The other piece of context is “what is your goal”? If you’re trying to maintain weight, or bulk, once fat-adapted, then you’re probably going to need a lot more fat at each meal (or in total for the day) then someone who’s trying to remove weight & body fat.

This meal represents effort to cut some body fat % as I’m fat adapted= not so much fat🔥

It’s all in context to the individuals goals & needs. There’s no one size fits all here.

-Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

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