BMX Taught Me Valuable Lessons

BMX taught me discipline, perspective, hard-work pays off, get up and try again, you get what you put in, face your fears, the importance of setting goals, and the possibilities of what following your heart can do and where it can bring you in life.

Had I not followed my heart and took a chance on my dreams, I’d most likely be stuck in Massachusettes with the regret of not taking the chance of a lifetime and always wondering “what if”.

I love sharing my story to inspire others to change their perspective of what’s possible based on their inner desires and the journeys of those like myself that challenged the status quo and carved their own path in life when others said it wouldn’t be possible.

I’m just a kid from Cape Cod with a dream that never gave up and didn’t have any advantages in life rather I had a lot of odds against me.

I’m grateful for my parents support and belief in my choices, the love and support from all of you, the obstacles I’ve overcome and lessons I’ve learned, and what’s to come into my life moving forward.

Take a chance on what you love rather than settling for complacency dictated by fear. You never know who you’ll inspire or what positivity you’ll attract in your life.

-Josh P. 💚🧠✌️