Healthy Keto

Which do you prefer?

I advocate for “Healthy Keto”, which I see the right picture to be a great example of.

The left photo is a great place to start your transition into Keto but the right yields more benefits with less room for small issues to manifest. More variety of fats that all breakdown, store, and/or get burned for energy differently.

The saying “not all calories are created equally” applies to calories from the same macronutrient as well. Not just carbs/sugar vs. fat or protein.

That said, this photo along with this writing is absent of far too much context to say which is “healthier” for someone.

I aim for the right photo most days/meals but the left hits the spot every now and then, especially when I need to grocery shop. 😂

The left may also leave you feeling a bit hungry still due to the “bulk” missing as you get from the image on the right.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️