Keto Made Easy

Often times, we all over complicate things in life that can be approached with a simple and clear perspective.

This is true for nutrition. Despite what most media, influencers, etc. say, keto isn’t hard, it’s sustainable, it’s enjoyable, and it’s not depriving when you have the right education, awareness, and support.

It’s all context and most for he time the reason say “keto doesn’t work” or “keto sucks” it due to a few things: lack of understanding fat adaptation timelines, lack of electrolytes, not enough fat, too many carbs/“net carbs”, too much stress, not enough sleep, and other areas of individualized context.

Here, we have eggs topped with a little parmesan, sautéed broccoli with grass fed butter, and chopped up bacon. All topped with some @redmondrealsalt and spices.

Keto is a tool or a lifestyle. It’s a CHOICE to consume certain foods. Some foods hurt us and some help us. At the end of the day, if keto helps with one thing beyond your health it has to be the consciousness to what certain foods do to our brains and overall health.

Be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE when it comes to your life. Keto is just one of the many passions I share that have helped me in my life tremendously.

No excuses.

What’s your excuse for why you can’t eat well or why keto “doesn’t work” for you and how can I help?

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️