Build Your Tribe

Stoked to have these people apart of my tribe.

Collaborating with @ryanplowery and @doc_amen to do some 🧠 research and how exogenous ketones impact our brains via some SPECT scans/images. We both will be sharing more via our blogs on our YouTube channels (link is in my bio) as well as our social media outlets and @ketogeniccom.

I’m collaborating with @isaacstegman @marywengh and @kaizenprocoaching to bring the world of keto to high performing executives and business owners so they can perform better in all area of life.

Isaac and I are getting ready to launch an app with his business course and I’m bringing my 12-week video course to his platform to be able to share with all of you that are interested in adopting a ketogenic lifestyle whether you’re looking to improve your brain’s health and/or performance, increase energy, drop some extra body fat, improve inflammatory issues, and so on.

I’m incredibly grateful for these people having my back and to be reciprocating value at the same time.

Look out for updates on @ryanplowery and my trip to do SPECT imaging our brains and the release of my keto course on the @kaizenprocoaching platform.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️