This Pisses Me Off & Makes Me Sad

I’m all for people having their own beliefs on life and I respect what others believe in, even if I don’t believe the same thing but it’s not hurting others.

It breaks my heart when people contradict themselves and don’t show love and respect to those who show love and respect back but have different beliefs on life. Especially when they don’t confront the situation and just ignore you without a reasoning but talk about you and your choices in life when you’re absent.

That’s my number one problem with organized religion and has been my experience with those that say they’re “religious” and basically shun me or treat me like shit because I say I don’t know what happens in life after our human existence on Earth, I have questions about how there are many different religions around the world and how war is started from said religions, etc.

These same people consciously decide to “sin” on a daily basis but believe by their religions code of conduct that they can just admit to their “sins” and ask for forgiveness and all is well.

I believe in being a good human being to others, sharing love, living to serve my brothers and sisters, and having love for all walks of lives and beliefs.

I guess consciously trying to do the right thing on a regular basis but not believing in organized religion means I’ll go to hell and can’t be associated with those I truly cared about and who thought were my friends because…..can’t we all just live together despite or beliefs if we’re on the same page of trying to help others and become the best version of ourselves?

Can anyone please explain this logic to me?

It truly makes me sad at my core being.

Josh P.