You Can Change Your Brain

“Persistence is how I made it here

Keep it going

Watch the place that I’ll be in a year

Keep me going

I’m the business and the business man

Keep it playing

I make timeless shit in minutes man

Minutes man.” – @rowlan

A lot of you know my battle with traumatic 🧠 injuries and multiple 🧠 tumors over the course of 14 years as a BMX athlete, but only a small portion of you know that I’ve also been battling ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression from a young age.

The mental struggles, 🧠 injuries, and 🧠 tumors led me to seek out my own methods to deal with the pain. Things like alcohol, smoking marijuana, being alone and isolated, and holding it inside too embarrassed to talk about it.

I’ve now realized I’m not broken or much different than any of you. I’ve wondered for years if I were autistic or just weird. After meeting people of all walks of life from millionaires to homeless, athletes to artists, teachers to friends and family, and doctors to military folk, my beliefs of us all being very similar have been solidified.

Thanks to @doc_amen and SPECT imaging, I now have answers as to why I feel, think, and act the way I do and how to change my 🧠 and feel better.

I’m sharing all of what I’m learning and experiencing so you can take the initiative to reach out for support knowing you’re not alone, broken, or weird and that there are options to healing and changing your 🧠. I’d do anything to go back in time to share what I’m learning with my younger brother, Danny, and Dave Mirra, who both took their lives recently. It breaks my heart knowing I can’t but I’ve decided to use that energy and knowledge to help my own 🧠 and share with all of you so we can all be happy, healthy, and successful.

Knowing you’re not “stuck” where you are and fostering the mindset of resiliency and empowerment have helped me grow to where I am today and I believe can help you do the same.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️