Our Eyes Are Projectors

“Our eyes are not only viewers, they’re projectors.” -Jim Carrey

I love Jim and have always been a fan of him since I was a kid.

His statement is so true and anyone that’s accomplish a goal, no matter how big or small, can confirm this.


Because, it took some level of focus and visualization to make that goal manifest into your reality.

It can be clearer for making dreams come true, or things beyond what we ever fathomed becoming our reality, as I have during my BMX career.

All I did was think about BMX, dream BMX, watch BMX contest and videos, talk about BMX, and TAKE ACTION on my BMX bike.

Not only was the emotional and psychological aspect of manifesting a goal or dream there, I also took non stop action every single day possible.

We can create the realities we want or don’t want. It all comes back to what we see in our minds.

All the greatest in sports focus on visualizing their actions, especially when it comes time to compete and test all the “homework” done at home when no ones watching.

Think back to any “good” or “bad” experience in your life and really audit your mindset, actions, beliefs, words spoken, and how it resulted. Was it aligned with those mindsets, actions, beliefs, and words spoken, even if it wasn’t the desired result?

If it’s a yes, then think of how you could spin it for what you want.

My biggest problem along my journey with manifestation the life I desired was the patience piece and I find that’s way more prevalent in today’s society with everything being so instant.

It won’t happen over night but you’ll be surprised how quickly changes are made in your life when you audit and change your mindset, words, and actions.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️

Photo by @jciake