Post-SPECT Scan Supplements

Part 2 of my trip to @doc_amen with @ryanplowery for SPECT scans of our brains drops tomorrow at 330pm EST.

The post-SPECT scan supplement line up, until we get the results of all the blood work that was ordered, is pictured here. UPDATED list next week.

Just a quality DHA/EPA Omega supplement can do wonders for anyone’s 🧠 health, let alone someone with past trauma (mental or physical) and/or toxicity (sugar, alcohol, mold, drugs, alcohol, etc.) to their brain.

Mixing that up with @doc_amen @brainmdhealth Brain & Memory Power Boost supplement to promote blood flow in the 🧠 can be very powerful along with a healthy lifestyle of a low-glycemic diet, healthy mental practice, and living a regular active lifestyle.

Check out my vlog part 1 from visiting @doc_amen for a SPECT scan on my IGtv and get ready for part 2 tomorrow sharing all the data and results with a deep dive into the 🧠 and how all the above mention information really plays out on the 🧠 based on imaging rather than opinion.

I’m really proud to join my brother @ryanplowery in becoming the first to look at the brain under SPECT with @justpruvit exogenous ketones in an effort to help all of YOU even further with hard facts and sound evidence that you can see in real time.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE and stop talking about it. TAKE ACTION and back up your words.

I want to make a difference and I’m investing everything I have emotionally, financially, spiritually, and

physically to see that change manifest in my reality.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️