2 years ago I hopped on a plane, flew across the country and walked into a hotel room in Santa Monica, California to record one of the first episodes of the “Unstoppable” podcast with @kerwinrae and that’s when I met @mattiasholmbom.

2 years later, Mattias gave me a tour of Kerwin’s office and showed me the podcast studio.

This was after attending Kerwin’s “Nail It & Scale It” 3-day workshop on how to grow your business and fulfill your purpose even further with social media.

Crazy what can come from non-stop action, a belief, and staying in integrity with you purpose every step of the way.

The fact I got to meet these two guys and record a podcast was an honor in itself. To be invited to Kerwin’s event as a guest, bring 2 friends to tag along, and get a tour of the office was a whole other level.

It meant the world to me to hang out with both @mattiasholmbom and @kerwinrae and to be able to share that I’ve been putting their advice into action, observing their actions, and manifesting my goals.

I look forward to the next time (2 months away) I’m in Sydney with the K2 herd!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️