I always have fear.

The difference is, I do the work (mentally & physically) to choose how fear contributes to my life.

Fear doesn’t own me, it’s just a thought. I use fear to guide me towards the things I must do in order to fulfill my purpose. I choose the thoughts by doing the mental work EVERY single day.

It starts with my “morning manifesto” and continues with the choices in who I surround myself with and the content I choose to consume.

I’m scared shitless every time I get on a stage, no matter the size.

But, I know it’s my calling and it’s necessary to succeed at fulfilling my purpose that I’ve devoted my life to.

Preparation is a form of being proactive and in this lists context, it’s being proactive of the fear of public speaking.

Few reasons as to why the fear is there, which is my ego trying to protect me from the unknown, is the fear of rejection & unworthiness.

I know it’s not true and even tho I may be shaking and my heart racing, I repeat my mantras to myself and focus on the vision. Just the same way I would when competition or doing a new trick for the first time.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️