RIP Danny 1 Year Today

1 year ago my little brother took his life.

I still don’t understand it and it’s the most bizarre thing to comprehend in my life and drives me insane when I get deep in my thinking about the scenario and seeing him in his coffin.

I wasn’t there to protect him as I have always done my best to do since we were kids and even as adults.

My mom told us when we were younger I’d be super protective over him when he was born and would hassle strangers when they’d say how cute Danny was to my mom.

The fact that I wasn’t there, can’t change what happened, and didn’t do my job as an older brother haunts me every day and is something I’ll never let go of fully.

The fact he’s not here but I am confuses me given my own health circumstances but I’d also why I don’t ever slow down with my goals to make an impact on this earth.

The only thing that brings me some sort of relief is that I bring his ashes with me everywhere I go around the world on my wrist and that I share what he means to me any chance I get.

I talk about Danny, and @davemirra, on stage as they’re the driving fuel to all I do in sharing my story and passions today.

I can’t go back and save them but I can share with all of YOU and hope you implement the tools I share and share with those you love or don’t even know.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️