Complaint Alarm

I cringe when people complain about what they don’t have in life, especially when it’s something they have the ability to change. It’s all a matter of choices. I say this from a place of love rather than judgment. Why? Because I was once somehow who complained about things I didn’t like.

I’m not perfect and find myself in moments of complaining. The difference from then to now? I have an alarm set to go off when I find myself complaining and asses where it’s coming from. This had been a result of continuous work over the years on personal growth and development. Rather than complain, I ask myself what I could do to change the way my life looks, then go out in our in the damn work!

Too easy today do we find ourselves comparing one life to another without realizing or understanding the story that goes into it. It’s easy to make an excuse for why we can’t do the things we want in life, which allows us to play small and not participate, when comparing our lives to others. “They have it easy” or whatever excuse you can use to fill in that blank is bullshit. People of talent and success are not born with it, THEY PUT THE WORK IN!

I myself was complaining about my health, my career as a BMX athlete., relationships, and my finances. After a lot of educating myself, as well as surrounding myself with people of new mind-sets geared for success, I started to notice a pattern I was stuck in. Not forever, but I was well deep in it. I started to notice my thoughts, my language, and most importantly, my actions. My actions didn’t match my language of a desire for more.

One, how can we want more if we can’t be grateful for what we have today? Two, how can we have the audacity to complain about what we don’t have when we are not putting in the work to obtain it? Three, how can we feel so righteous to judge others of what they have in their lives without knowing even a fraction of their story?

We can’t! Unless we change our thoughts, language, and actions to match our desires, how can we ever expect to be happy and successful? We can’t. It’s really that easy! Change your language, change your thoughts and beliefs, and change your actions! šŸ’šāœŒļø