From Broke BMX Athlete to 7-figure Earner

This is my good friend @joshuapmorse.

Josh and I used to ride BMX together. We used to landscape together. We used to party together.

Just stopped riding and built a phone flipping business. He then became the top earner for Verizon making 10-30G’s a month before moving to real estate.

Josh went from being called “dumb Josh” to now having a net worth larger than most will make in a lifetime all while enjoying every day of his life.

Josh drinks @justpruvit ketones as he knows taking care of his brain health means true wealth.

@jciake and I sat Josh down while he was visiting (he moves to Raleigh soon) to share his story and mindset of what it takes to persevere and create true wealth in all areas of his life for The Grey Matters Podcast.

Stay tuned for the drop next week!

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️