How To Ease Back Into Something After A Break

Easing my way back into riding BMX after some time off to get the feel for it all again.

I love BMX and the analogies that comes from it. In this case, easing back into BMX and utilIzing the basics works as an ability for any aspect of life when returning back to a routine, plan, or skill.

In terms of keto or exercise, or any area of life really, we often get down on ourselves for taking time off and think we have to hit it 110% when we do return rather than easing back into a nice flow.

I share this concept of being kind to ourselves and not having to be perfect with my clients or when I’m speaking on stage. What’s important is to have a plan of attack that is always there to guide you back on track if you wonder off.

A plan is a tool and a support system is integral for our plans to achieve a specific goal in our life.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️