Starts With Your Thoughts

The life and things we desire both begin as a thought. They only manifest in our reality if we take action.

Take it a step further and add in persistence and consistency to this action as big key players in this equation of manifestation.

The thoughts we have trigger emotions that lead us to take action one way or another. Either way, this action we choose to take yields a result and creates the reality we live in.

This reality builds a belief system within our subconscious mind working for or against us. This belief becomes the code we operate on every single day.

When we don’t make changes in our actions day in and day out, we literally live each day as our present self, manifesting a future that’s no different from our past or current reality.

We literally have to break the habit of being ourselves in order to create a new reality.

I get more and more clear on this statement every day I learn and apply what I am learning.

The more I change my thoughts to align with my desires, the more emotional changes occur leading me to take the action I want and that aligns with my desires.

The more this equation occurs, the more and more I manifest opportunities, relationships, and abilities to create the life I desire.

It starts with your thoughts and manifests into physical form with a belief and action.

Have you witnessed this concept play out in your life?

Josh P. šŸ’ššŸ§ āœŒļø