Judged By My Cover

I believe health is internal.

Had I not fallen one day riding BMX and had hit my head, I’d be dead.

That crash led to a life-saving MRI that accidentally found a massive brain tumor.

This diagnosis cleared up the past year of suffering that brought a long lost of pain medication with it while being denied the request to scan my brain as I felt something was terribly “off”. Each request and visit to the doctors office resulted in being denied a scan, even though I had health insurance I paid for, while also being told I just and headaches.

They went on to say “it’s normal to have headaches today so here’s some pain medication, come back if you need more” along with “you’re young, in shape and your blood work doesn’t show anything abnormal.” I could have died from being judged by my books covers and that’s part of why I’m so passionate about medical imaging and being an advocate for all those that don’t feel like they’re being heard or have a voice.

I believed I was “just a civilian” and didn’t have any business challenging a doctor. Now, I challenge everything in my life before accepting it into my mind.

I was afraid and don’t want others to be, so I share my TRUTH loud and proud to be an excuse for others to do the same.

Our voices are all worth being listened to and it’s apart of my mission to make that clear.

Josh P. 💚🧠✌️